Meeting Your Patent Needs

Free Consultation
All patent services from Ogilvie Law Firm are available on a billable hour basis, at $200/hour.  Project flat fee services are also available in some cases.  An initial consultation with Mr. Ogilvie can be obtained at no charge.  Project estimates are available on
request.  Mr. Ogilvie encourages you to research and compare his hourly rate and experience level with patent services offered by other law firms. 

Services Available
Experienced patent attorney John Ogilvie is available to help you:

  • evaluate the likelihood of obtaining patent protection
  • do a preliminary patent search
  • prepare a non-provisional utility patent application
  • prepare other patent applications as appropriate
  • review and comment on patent applications drafted by others
  • pursue patent protection in the U.S.
  • pursue patents abroad
  • license your patent, and
  • enforce your patent rights.

For over two decades, Mr. Ogilvie has provided patent searches, patent applications, representation in negotiations with the patent examiner, representation in license negotiations and patent litigation, patent opinions, and other legal services.  Mr. Ogilvie is knowledgable and experienced with:

  • software patents,
  • Internet patents,
  • business method patents,
  • mechanical patents,
  • computer patents,
  • medical devices,
  • and other patentable technologies.

No one can guarantee that you'll receive every patent claim you wish for, or that your patent will make you wealthy.  But patents require a significant financial investment.  So before you decide who will represent your interests best, please compare Ogilvie Law Firm with your other options.  Here are some key differences you may find:

Attorney v. Agent
Some offers involve representation by a patent agent, rather than a patent attorney.  Either type of practitioner can write a patent application.  But as the Patent Office
states: "Patent agents, however, cannot conduct patent litigation in the courts or perform various services which the local jurisdiction considers as practicing law. For example, a patent agent could not draw up a contract relating to a patent, such as an assignment or a license, if the state in which he/she resides considers drafting contracts as practicing law."  If you want legal advice about alternatives to patent protection, about licensing or selling patents, or about ways to enforce your patent rights, then you need an attorney.

Application v. Patent
Some services only include preparation of a patent application.  But patent applications are examined, and claims are often rejected.  Negotiation with a Patent Examiner is often required to obtain a patent.  If you want services that include an issued patent, not merely a patent application, then be sure to include the cost of patent prosecution, amendments, petitions, conferences, appeals, and so forth.  Ogilvie Law Firm can give you a firm estimate for any or all of the patent process, at no additional charge. 

Attorney Fees v. All Fees and Costs
Some estimates include only the attorney fees.  But to obtain a patent, you will need to pay various governmental fees as well, including at least a
filing fee, a search fee, an examination fee, and an issue fee.  Some firms will also bill you separately for photocopies, postage, and other out-of-pocket costs.  But with the Ogilvie Law Firm, there are no hidden costs.  You can get a firm estimate on request, so you know up front what your costs will be.

For  more information, please contact patent attorney John Ogilvie.